Whoa, almost two weeks since my last post! Sorry dudes! I, uh…I got my Ravelry invite awhile ago and I have to say, the rumours are true; Ravelry can tempt you into more drooling than knitting. But I did get a few pieces finished:


A Tomten for my pseudoniece, Sofi!


Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Tomten Jacket

Materials: One and some skeins of STR Puck’s Mischief; maybe half a skein of STR Scottish Highlands, both Heavyweight (I knitted two ridges of PM to one ridge of SH, because I’m not such a fan of yellow)

Needles: 3.75 mm Addi Turbos (I think…I can’t read the wire anymore, and I don’t have a gague thingy yet!) I was pretty meh about these needles (too clickety clackity for me)

Sadly, I don’t have any action shots to share…the Tomten might actually be a tiny bit too incredibly huge for her yet, plus it’s been really hot here lately. Maybe later.

The heat has also stopped me getting an action shot of the second, much smaller (I fear maybe too small!) sweater I made for her (I’m a proud auntie!):


(skein of Noro for scale; a future hat for the mister!)


Pattern: heavily adapted from EZ’s February Baby Sweater, with the stitch pattern used in minty’s Leyburn socks

Materials: Maybe 2/3 of a skein of Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Hercules

Needles: 2.75mm Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles (which I ADORE!) and some 2.75mm bamboo DPNs

It took a lot of trial and error to work out the numbers, and even then I’m not sure if it worked out in the end. Her mama assures me it will, but it remains to be seen! Ah well.

Next up: a little something for me…


Some Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn, perfect for a pair of Pomatomus! A little ambitious for my Second-Ever socks, maybe, but when has that ever stopped me?


So, as soon as I got all my STR wound up into balls, I cast on for a Chevron Scarf, couldn’t remember how to kfb (and couldn’t be arsed looking it up), briefly wondered why I was trying to make a scarf in June during a heat wave, and started thinking of other things I could do with my pretty pretty yarn.


I have recently discovered the amazing Elizabeth Zimmermann. So I started making a Tomten.




My 10-month-old pseudoniece is coming all the way from South America in August for her first visit to Canada (with her parents, of course…and not a minute past time, it’s been ages since I’ve seen her dad/my very good friend!) She’ll need something to keep her warm when the late summer nights turn chilly. Right?






I also changed my mind about colourway combinations. This sweater is a marriage between Puck’s Mischief and Scottish Highlands. After I’d looked at my four skeins of STR very carefully, I realised that SH was basically just a watered-down version of PM, except with yellow instead of brown. So it really just looks like one gigantic skein of yarn that gets sliiiiiiightly lighter somewhere in the middle. I like it. I especially like that it’s all garter stitch. Actually, I lie; I don’t especially like mindless knitting. It goes very slowly. But I do appreciate the versatility of garter stitch, so on we go.


Except this sweater doesn’t need to be done for a couple of months. I have much more pressing sweater needs. So back I go to this one:


Yarn: Knitpicks Andean Treasure in Woods Heather
Needles: 4.25mm (US 6) bamboo circulars
Pattern: My own, as usual
(Eyelets from the Barbara Walker Treasury vol I)


It’s going to be a wrap sweater, kind of like the Airy Wrap-Around Sweater from Fitted Knits, except that I didn’t know there *was* such a thing when I started designing it, aaaaaaaaand I think mine’s going to be better (sorry, Stefanie. Take comfort in your book deal, and the fact that my sweater isn’t even slightly done, so I’m all talk and not much action). But there’s already a problem with this sweater: I…I don’t know where it is. This is just a (shitty, sorry) picture of my swatch. I swear I’ve got about three inches of a hem lying around…somewhere. I won’t include a picture of the hideous mess that is our room at the moment, although it would help you to understand how I’ve lost an entire knitting project. It’s just too graphic for the internet.


But when I do find it…there’s going to be some mad throwdown knitting done on it! Just wait and see.








Please don’t mention my paper.