After many long months of searching and pleading and surfing and waiting, my Handmaiden Seasilk has finally arrived! And it seems to have been delivered by frog!


Seriously, I have been trying to track down some skeins of this stuff since February, when I decided I would tackle the Sarcelle as a Mother’s Day gift for my mum. After careful consideration, I settled on the Nova Scotia colourway, and set off on my search.

Of course, everyone in everywhereland has been out of Nova Scotia since sometime last century, so I had to wait until well after MD before someone finally got some in. I really really wanted to pick out the skeins myself, in person, but my LYSes are not actually very local to me at all, and it turned out they were too far and hard to get to for me to pop into every week and harass them to get the colourway I wanted. So I ordered a couple of hanks online as insurance, just to be sure I’d get some before it all sold out again everywhere. I figured, even if I didn’t like what came, I could sell it on, or save it for another project or something.

And then yesterday, it arrived!! Now, to be honest, I was surprised by what I pulled out of the envelope. The dye was a lot (a lot!) paler than I’d expected.

I picked the Nova Scotia colourway because I adore (and wear a lot of) green and blue, as does my mum, and also because I so admired the beautiful work done by this blogger here. I don’t know why I was expecting it to be darker because I *know* she striped in some Ocean, but still. Anyway, after my initial surprise wore off, I decided I quite liked it, and that my mom would totally love it. She has a much paler skin tone than I do, and suits these colours down to the ground. So everything is awesome.


Besides, I’d already wound it into a ginormous ball. I couldn’t ask that poor little guy to carry it all the way back to Newfoundland now! Ah well. Now for the next drama: getting the proper needles to start the Sarcelle pattern (I’m thinking some Addi Lace circulars…I really like the normal Addis I just got, even tho they do clickclickclick a lot more than the bamboos I’m used to. But I can’t go back to the bamboo plastic cables now that I’ve experienced the flexiness of the Addis!) Oh, and I should probably finish (or at least start) that 60+ page paper I have hanging over my head. You know, the one that’s due really soon and means I get to graduate from my MA program and move on with my life? Yeah, that one. Wish me luck!