Seriously, dudes, knitting has been like totally dead to me since spinning came along. Sadly, I only had the one bag of fibre, and it was all spun up in a hour or so. Dag, yo! Then I ordered a whole bunch more fibre from The Internet! And a gorgeous Golding spindle! That tax refund came in the nick of time, lemme tell ya.

I sometimes stumble across a knitblog post in which the blogger laments her (or his) loss of “knitting mojo” and I always laughed a disdainful laugh. “That will never be me,” I would say to the blogger via my powerful brainwaves. “I will never not wish to knit. And I shall never get my comeuppance, either. NO COMEUPPANCE!”

But for the last week, I have been knitting only sporadically and in a desultory manner. Yes! Desultory-ly! It’s true. Instead of knitting, I while away the hours reading Rav threads on spinning and wondering when my fibre will arrive. Oh, yesterday I stalked the pigeonroof Etsy shop hoping for some roving, but it was gone so so fast I didn’t get a single braid! Bleh. Ah well, I didn’t really love the colourways this week. Still, tho, it’s sort of the principle of the thing!

Although I might soon get the chance to dye my own roving at Lettuce Knit…but every day that passes with no word about when that might be makes my monkey crazier!! It is bad, bad I tells ya!

So I haven’t really been knitting. Here is one of the things I should have been knitting:

This is one of the two “button band” lace panels I should be working on for my mum’s Mother’s Day present, a light lacy sweater knit out of Handmaiden Sea Silk. Actually, the yarn is from the Mother’s Day present I was supposed to make last year, a Sarcelle Shawl…buuuuuuut I don’t like knitting scarves. They are so boring to me! The other “button band” lace panel will be a mirror image of this one, and the main body of the sweater is going to be Starlight Lace:

What’s stalling me most is that I have to re-chart the lace for the other side, aaaaaadnakslfjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj I just can’t work up the enthusiasm. Bad bad badb adabdbad daughter, I know.


Is my roving here yet??