Rosewood 43g top-whorl spindle. 50g one-of-a-kind Merino “Custom Blend”. Took around 45 mins to spin.

I was going to leave it, because aren’t you supposed to let the twist set or something? Three hours later…

Plying was quick, pulling from both ends of a centre-pull ball. I know I’m not working with much fibre here, but I always thought drop-spindles were timesucks and it would take a year and a half to spin enough yarn to make anything but a knitted bikini (and I am not the knitted bikini kind of girl…not least because it sounds — and looks — like a ridiculous waste of time to me). But even considering I probably made about enough yarn to complete the thong portion of the bikini (ugh, a chunky merino thong!), it went surprisingly quickly. Remember, this was my first time even touching a spindle. I’m pretty damn proud of myself!

I haven’t knit with it yet, though; it’s still under tension in the bathroom.

I need more fibre.

And I need to get good at spinning fast (uh, both as in “a small amount of time” and “performing the task quickly”) because I’ve got about a pound of this stuff on its way to me. *drool* I think I’ve just got time…

Much as I enjoyed the drop spindle today, I’m still filling my imaginary piggy bank with pennies to save up for a wheel. Unfortunately, the balance as of this afternoon is -$160, after the spindle and fibre…and this:

This is why I spent so little at the Frolic last weekend; I’ve been dreaming about a Truffle Cardigan of my own since I first stumbled upon the pattern on Ravelry a couple of months ago. I love Dulle Griet’s grey version (it’s so atmospheric! especially since I always think of this as a late fall/late winter kind of garment) but I just couldn’t resist this red! I’ve been doing my internet homework, and this is the exact shade of Araucania Chunky I wanted most. And I found it! You win this round, The Purple Purl! *shakes fist in a loving way*