So, I finished some more stuff. One for me:

and one for you. And by “you”, I mean my newly-born, not-able-to-read pseudoniece, Alice:

I like mine, but I loooove Alice’s. Actually, it was supposed to be a sweater for Alice’s big almost-two-year-old sister, Sofi, but my chronic case of I-don’t-know-how-big-kids-are combined with not bothering to knit from a pattern equalled a very tiny little sweater. No matter. Her da (my good friend) had requested “something earthy for [the Chilean] fall/winter, in the 3-6 month range”, so his wish was, after all, my command. Maybe I just like Alice’s better because there are no Stupid Faces attached.

Sometimes I try to avoid the Stupid Face curse by turning my back, but then the Pretend And Actual Backfat shows up and ruins everything.

Mostly that is weird fabric rolling, but at least you can see the scalloped hem. Yes! This is Kate Gilbert’s Camellia pattern, knit more or less as Kate wrote it! It is pretty much my best- and favourite-evar FO (so far, anyway!) I’m sure it would have turned out quite a bit cuter in the drapey bamboo called for in the pattern (and would have saved hours and hours of ripping out and trying again to get something resembling gauge), but I had three skeins of Dream In Colour Smooshy, and I wanted to use it! Remember how I made a thousand sleeves before I even started knitting the pattern? I wager that if I hadn’t bothered, I could have knit the whole thing (albeit maybe a teensy bit shorter) with only two skeins of the stuff. Two skeins of sock yarn to make one awesome short-sleeved sweater! Incredible, but true.

Although if I hadn’t knit so many gauge swatches, I probably wouldn’t have made something wearable. There are many nuanced lessons embedded in this knit.

Mods, mods…not many. Apart from using completely inappropriate yarn, I made the sleeves longer (and wider) than the pattern called for (mostly to reconcile the lace chart with the thinner yarn I was using), and threw in quite a lot of waist-shaping and some vertical bust darts under each boob to make it fit properly. Verdict? It is very, very comfortable, and it holds its shape well through a long day of wear. You know how sometimes knits get all saggy and shapeless after a few hours? Not this sucker! I gave it a real trial by fire last Saturday when I wore it to the Downtown Knit Collective’s Knitter’s Frolic in the morning, lounged on a friend’s couch all afternoon (knitting, natch) and then took it out to the Keg for our second wedding anniversary dinner.

Yes, I spent our second wedding anniversary yarn shopping. And yes, I feel kind of bad about it. I can’t decide whether the fact that I didn’t buy much while I was there is good or bad in this context. Here’s my (very small, especially considering the deals that were to be had!) haul:

That’s it. Two little skeins of Mirasol alpaca/silk bulky singles, five balls of Jamieson DK, and two medium-sized bottles of SOAK. Oh, and some handmade clear glass star-shaped buttons (not pictured). I barely broke $100; not for lack of choice, and not even because I was so overwhelmed by the amount of yarn and people and books and notions and everything (although I won’t deny that I was, a bit). It’s not even that I didn’t particularly like any of the yarn I saw; indeed, lots of it was beautiful, and I could have made many a project with the stuff. Could it be that I have reached a saturation point in my stash?? My Ravelry page shows a mere sampling of the yarns I have tucked away here and there. If there was some kind of crazy emergency and I needed to produce a ball of yarn in less than a minute, I’d have 55 seconds to spare. I think my problem (and I use that word loosely) is that I really do have ideas and plans for each skein I buy, and I feel bad for the balls of yarn lying around, unloved and unknit, being nothing but what they are: ordinary little balls of wool. I am so excited to turn each of them into some awesome and inventive project, but…! I just never seem to get around to all of them before I have more amazing projects in my mind (and, more often than not, in my hands)! One of the things I’m looking forward to most when we move (that glorious, unforeseeable orange-coloured day) is a serious destash. They weigh on my mind, these unrealized projects.

Holy crap, that was heavy. And not at all what I’d planned to write. Truth be told, I rarely have a plan, but still. Here’s another closeup of Alice’s sweater to lighten the mood:

This is almost two balls of Noro Silk Garden, colourway #244. I made up the pattern, but it’s basically a round ribbed yoke with a stockinette body and sleeves. Pretty basic, but very cute! I’m wondering how cute it would look a little (okay, a whole lot) bigger, and how many balls of SG I’d need…gaa!! Another new project in my mind, pushing out the old ones!! Bad, bad, bad…