So, recently I started trying to create knitting friends out of regular friends. By their individual request, of course. It’s going pretty well, actually, but I wish I’d had my camera when three of us — (me and two have-never-even-held-needles students/friends — were browsing Romni’s pattern section. “Can I make this?” one would ask, holding up a pattern for a Fair Isle vest. “Yes,” I replied, “but maybe not for your first project. “Oooh, I like this one!” another would exclaim, pulling down a pattern of a seed-stitch tailored jacket. “You could make that too,” I told her, “but maybe not for your first project.” Romni Wools is huge and slightly intimidating when you have no idea what you want to make or what you want to make it with, so after a long hour or so of searching and deciding and weighing options, we decided to just buy one skein each and a pair of needles, repair somewhere quiet and learn how to cast-on. Unfortunately, that “quiet place” ended up being the Seed Stitch Jacket friend’s condo where Ugly Betty was playing, but I think they got the hang of casting on.

Of course, I couldn’t be the only one not buying yarn. They had just gotten in a new shipment of mercerized cotton, and I couldn’t resist these colours:


I was pretty tired by the end of our shopping expedition, so by the time I noticed the cotton wall I could only remember than I wanted some, but I couldn’t remember why. After I got home (and had a good sleep), I remembered that I wanted to try my hand at some crochet hexagons…which means I need a third colour. Oh well! It’s a longterm project idea anyway.

Fair Isle Vest and I have plans to meet up next weekend at Lettuce Knit to pick out some yarn for the circular shrug I’ve been making, because I am still so in love with Dream In Colour yarn, and I think she will be, too. Teaching two friends at once also introduces a slight competitive element to the learning process, which I hope will motivate them both to finish at least one project before they decide whether or not knitting is for them. It’s a pretty steep learning curve, but such a satisfying skill! At least, I think so.

Speaking of DiC yarns and LK, I finally made it down there again to pick up another two skeins to finish my own shrug, but I couldn’t make the time until Saturday, two full weeks after my first visit. Two weeks of other people petting the skeins and exclaiming at colours. Two full weeks of other people picking out yarns for their projects. Two full weeks…

“Oh no. Are you out of Dusky Aurora worsted weight?” I asked the lovely shoppeople worriedly. How was I going to finish my shrug without more yarn?? I knew I should have bought more than two skeins!!! Even if they just had one, I could at least finish the lace edging, it doesn’t need sleeves, but oh, I really wanted sleeves, I guess I could order some from somewhere online but it would certainly be a different dyelot but does that really matter with variegated yarns and damnit I knew I should have bought more than two skeins…

[Triumphant Music Played Here!] Luckily, The Awesome Laura was on duty. She got a “hmm, let’s see” gleam in her eye, rummaged around in the bottom “Unlit Pit Of Doom” shelfcubby, and produced NOT one, but TWO skeins of Dusky Aurora!!


Since then, I’ve only gotten through another inch or so of the lace, so no pics yet. But at least now there will be a shrug to finish!!

In other pictureless news, I have ordered a small truckload of Jamison Spindrift from She Ewe Knits to start swatching for my 2 1/2 year old nephew’s Christmas present. He and his parents are going to be living in Scotland for the next couple of years, and he could really use something light but warm and water-resistant to keep off the drizzle, so I’m planning to make him a little lined zip hooded sweater jacket thing with a bit of colourwork. And by “lined”, I mean I intend to buy some fabric, whip up a little coat, and attach it to the inside of the sweater. It’ll be my First Real Sewing Evar, so I hope it goes well! We’re going to be visiting with them in Edinburgh for most of December (my family has had the last two Christmases, it’s the inlaws’ turn this year), so hopefully I’ll be able to get him to try it on as I make it. Obviously I plan to make it a little on the big side, but I have a tendency to make kids’ things too small, which would be completely useless. So hopefully that will go well.

So many things to look forward to, so few pictures to illustrate them! So in closing, I’ll share with you some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago, but never got around to blogging:

Could it be…?


Heck yes!


It’s Andre the Mini-Mantis from Soto SoftiesEtsy shop! He spent quite a few happy days in my mom’s garden before the weather turned, but has since come inside for the season (dudes, it’s getting chilly bananas outside. Which I love, but is also giving me a cold. Thanks, dusty forced air furnace). Right now he’s sort of living on my bookshelf with all our other “important things”, but he needs a proper home, and soon. Lots of things around here need proper homes. My yarns, they live in shopping bags. But I guess we should get a home before we get furniture, no? So many plans, so few ways to bring them to fruition…