I have been knitting and ripping and re-knitting this shrug, and I am still no less in love:


The mock rib looks so nice and went so quickly! Which was lucky, as I ended up ripping it all back as soon as I’d finished it in order to add another 3″ to the lace rib section. I’m not totally convinced that the lace rib was the right choice for the garment (the WS is okay, but not lovely), but it was certainly more interesting to knit than kkppkkppkkppkkppaippdfkpkpkpkapdsfadkf





Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn a few rows into the second lace rib section, so I’ve got to go back downtown and get another couple of balls (poor me!) But until I can find the time to do that…


This is the Debbie Bliss stuff that came last week that I have been so looking forward to knitting with! It’s going to be a fitted empire waist-y sweater, with lace around the torso and a V-neck with elbow-length sleeves. And red ribbon accents. Probably. I’m so excited to get started! I’ve never been so happy to run out of yarn!

Oh, last week’s knitting lesson was canceled and rescheduled for this week. Now I’m worried that the circular shrug, while piss easy, might take too much time to complete, and thus put them off knitting. I’m a process knitter, so I like things that take a long time, but that might not be the best way to begin learning the skill…we’ll see.