Cookie wasn’t kidding; this pattern has teeth!


But it helped me cut mine. On socks!


These little bastards are addictive, no?

The darker ones are actually my First Evar Socks, Cider Moon’s Campfire Socks, made out of some very squishy Mission Falls 1842 Wool. They don’t remotely fit me, but that’s just fine as they’re actually a (belated) Father’s Day present for my da.

The lighter ones are, of course, the ubiquitous (but still totally awesome!) Pomatomus, made from the beautiful greeny bluey Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock skein from the previous post (I *think* it’s the Nova Scotia colourway, but it’s hard to tell when the skeins are neither labeled nor necessarily consistent with the “official” colourway…luckily, that’s part of the charm of handdyed!)

Speaking of inconsistencies, my camera doesn’t *quite* seem to be able to capture the exact colour of this yarn; sometimes it’s blue, sometimes green…


But I like it that way.

Now to battle SSS…