I finished the sweater!

Here’s a blurry pic of me wearing it in my sister-in-law’s garden, a few days after the wedding:


*sigh* My husband, I adore him, but he is not an awesome photographer. Anyway. As you can see, the wrap sweater became a regular ol’ cardigan, but it’s still my first “proper” cardi, so I’m very excited about it! (my REAL first one, which still needs to be photographed, is closed with a tie, not buttons)

Here it is “in action”, on the bridge overlooking the monastery beyond the Royal Mile in Edinburgh (about ten seconds from our fantastic flat; cheaper than a weeks’ hostel accommodation for four people, and eleven hundred times more comfy):


me: Was that a good picture?

him: It sort of looks like you’re being mugged.

me: Well, how bout we —

him: No more time for blog pictures! We gotta go!

So that’s pretty much all I got of the sweater, except for some random holiday snaps that never seemed to turn out all that well. Most of them are kind of blurry, actually:


Ah well. The good news is, I found some Real Irish Wool during our “honeymoon” in the southwest of Ireland!


Lovely tweedy green, but it’s a bit scratchy for next-to-the-skin wear. I’m dreaming of a felted bag, maybe with a celtic-y knot-y thing intarsia’d on the flap. But that will have to wait a wee while, I’ve got another obsession or two on the go just now that need completing. But I’ll save them for another post, when (hopefully) I’ll have all the elements together at long (long!) last! Oh, surprises…