My Socks That Rock order arrived today!!

I ordered them in pairs with the intention of making a couple of chevron scarves from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but now I’m not so sure…anyway, here are the pics!

First, Socktopus and Puck’s Mischief:


then, Rolling Stone and Scottish Highlands:


I really really love the Sockto/Puck mix, but I’m feeling kind of meh about the Scottish Highlands colourway (and yes, I bought it primarily because of its name). It’s just so…yellow! I am not a yellow girl, me. Maybe this duo is destined to become a present for someone who will really appreciate it…after all, do I really need *two* almost-identical scarves? I do not.

mmmmmmm…I really, really, REALLY love the Socktopus. In fact, I don’t think I will be able to resist ordering some more…when I get a job to pay for it. Some sweet, distant day…

Just so you don’t get the (not *entirely* unjustified) impression that I am all stash-build and no stash-bust, I have to say in my defense that I have a lot of WIPs, but not a lot of time to work on them. Right now on the needles, I have:

  • The blue and white cardigan I photographed earlier (in the koigu post…I still need to source some buttons for this one)
  • a pair of green merino socks for my dad for Father’s Day (I couldn’t finish them until he tried them on, and he couldn’t try them on as WIPs until I “gave” them to him, so that’s that excuse)
  • a new brown wrap sweater of my own design, in Knitpicks Woods Heather (so soft!)
  • a surprise that I cannot divulge here, just in case the recipient reads this before it’s done!

Stupid school getting in the way of my knitting…