Well, here I am at home on International Knit In Public Day, not knitting and not being in public. Kind of sucks, but I couldn’t find anyone to come out with me except my husband, and since I know he would rather bash his head against a brick wall than go yarn shopping (which seems to be the central activity organized here in Toronto for iKIPd)…also, I have promised myself a sweater’s worth of extra special Dream In Colour reward yarn for finishing my MA research paper (I’m trying to decide between Deep Seaflower, Dusky Aurora and Good Luck Jade…colourways can be found here, for the curious. Also, opinions/reviews would be very welcome in the comments!) But since I have written approximately zero words of my paper, AND the first draft is due next week, AND we’re both unemployed right now, AND I have terrible self-control when it comes to pretty pretty yarn…it just wasn’t a good time for iKIPd to happen for me.

But I can’t let it go by without doing something public and/or knitterly. So I’ve decided to update my knitting blog as a fun, free and in-the-spirit-of-things activity. Except I don’t have any new and/or exciting yarns. So…

Ten Things It May Or May Not Be Interesting To Know About Me

1. I lived in Scotland (Glasgow, specifically) for about two years during and after undergrad. While I don’t ever want to actually live in the UK (too expensive! too complicated!) I loved my time there, and I sometimes experience incredible waves of homesickness just thinking about the place.

2. Just before I moved back to Canada from Scotland, I met a very cute Australian boy who eventually became my husband. We lived in Melbourne for almost a year before finally deciding to settle in Toronto. This means I sometimes break out into a fucked-up hybrid accent, and have strange cravings for candy and/or beer that isn’t accessible on my continent.

3. I have moved once a year, every year since 1999. It’s getting really, really old, and I would like nothing more than to have my own place (choosing paint colours! buying not-plastic furniture!) But so far, our househunting (/condohunting) has been slow going. Being both poor and picky is a bad combination. But I hold out hope.

4. I had a lot of food allergies as a kid, and thus avoided a lot of foods that I now think were probably okay. While it’s true that I am very (very!) allergic to peanuts and other nuts, I’m still kind of hazy about what other foods I should avoid, and even the allergist I went to recently wasn’t very helpful! For instance, as a child I was told I was allergic to “Peas”, and thus stringently avoided snow peas and chick peas on principle. Until recently, when I decided to give them a try (since I have always eaten normal beans without a hint of a problem). Dudes! Humus is TOTALLY DELICIOUS! What other wonders has the universe been hiding from me?? Anyway, it sucks that I am so allergic to nuts, since I think I would be the Biggest Nut Fan Evar if they didn’t make me feel like I want to die.

5. I love fireworks, don’t mind loud music at all, and can deal with being startled (although I don’t like it any more than most normal people do). However, I hate balloons, and hatehateHAAAATE hearing them pop, esp close by. I blame my dad for insisting on blowing balloons up waaaaay past what I thought was a sensible size, then yelling “POP!” in my face just to freak me out. Thanks for the lifetime of globophobia, dad!

6. I often assume I can do something, even if I have no experience/data to back it up. I don’t mean, like, assuming I can drive a backhoe or perform open heart surgery; more like design an intarsia baby blanket despite not yet having mastered the ‘purl’ stitch. Sorry, sister-in-law! (recipient of said baby blanket) Unfortunately, I seem to be mentally and physically incapable of learning something without making a thousand mistakes first…but at least I have the tenacity (pigheadedness?) to keep on trying!

7. I have never had a pet (more allergies), despite always really, really wanting a puppeeeeeeeee!! But when I think really seriously about it, I am sort of turned off by the expense and responsibility of it all. Maybe we’ll get one after we have a kid (between 5-100 years from now), when we’re so overwhelmed with expense and responsibility that we won’t really notice another one anyway. Right now I’m really looking forward to a fishtank.

8. One of the main reasons I made my husband move back to Canada was for the summers on the lake. As someone who never even *saw* saltwater until I was maybe twenty, I just can’t work up the same enthusiasm for the ocean (despite the ocean’s way cooler snorkeling landscape). Heaven for me is going for a swim on a warm, clear, starlit night when the lake is completely flat and there’s a campfire on the beach to warm up beside when I get out. If there’s an afterlife, I think you get what you think you’ll get; I hope that’s what I get when I die.

9. I’ve been anti-pink for…god, eighteen years or something…mostly because I was saturated with it as a little girl (my mom “can’t wear” pink, and was delighted that her blonde, blue-eyed daughter looked so sweet in it, so she kind of went overboard, imo). It’s only recently that I’ve been coming back around to it, but as an accent colour only! I would still never decorate with it, and I have exactly one shirt that is sort-of pink. However, as you can see from pics of my Koigu, when it’s combined with other complementary colours, I just can’t resist it these days!

10. I have a pretty fine-tuned sense of humour. I think I have a lot of male friends because I love to just sit around and laugh about stuff. Sometimes I laugh so hard I can’t see through the tears, and have more than once fallen off my chair laughing (no injuries to body or clothing, tho!) Laughing about things helps me break through my pretty intense shyness, and I think helps me become the person who helps the group become comfortable with each other. Because I will sacrifice quite a bit of dignity for a joke, if I think my audience will respond. Having said that, I can be quite a serious person at times, and really enjoy sitting down with my friends and talking through a problem or issue for hours and hours.

So, there you go. 87% more information than you ever wanted to know about me. And very little of it is related to knitting. Now it’s time for me to go outside and celebrate iKIPd by doing more research for my paper. Good times, good times.