Imaginary Readers, I have been doing a lot of knitting, honest I have. It’s just that none of it is really ready to be photographed, even as WIPs. They’re so infuriatingly close to being done that I just. can’t. do it. But I can show you this one panel of the cardigan I’ve been working on…that is, until I realised I didn’t have enough yarn and had to re-order from knitpicks…it’s Panache in “Dusk” and “Cloud”. The drape is a little bit heavier than I expected, but I’m reserving judgment until I’m done the whole thing. It’s knitting up nice and fast, anyway (well, until I ran out of yarn…)

Fans of the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits might recognize the motif from this sweater by The Eunny Jang. Um…it might look better in Jameson sticky DK weight yarn than this chunky, slippery stuff. Ah well. It looks fine from the distance most people will be viewing my chest.

To make up for general lameness of this fuzzy picture, here are some pics of my Koigu collection!


Koigu in the sun!


A closeup of the 314 I didn’t think I would like, all knitted up. Turns out it’s actually quite pretty!


And a closeup of the 323, which I thought was going to be more intense, but it’s still quite nice.


With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty skeins of Koigu all in a row!